People, Intelligence, Technology

Using this combination we provide solutions to Australia's enterprises and institutions in the fields of intelligent applications, commercialisation, immersive experiences, and workplace wellness.

A.I is the convergence of technology and cognition. The limit is your imagination.

With the deployment of capabilities such as machine learning, neural networks and virtual reality, brilliant transformations can occur to an organisation's utility and culture.

Intelligent Applications

The next generation of applications are living things. We use A.I such as machine learning and deep learning neural networks to build the smartest and most autonomous applications.


Create new revenue streams for your business from internal-only business applications or innovations that you own, by realising the potential to productise valuable code.

AR + VR + 360‎ °

Enhanced learning through immersive simulations of workplace scenarios and customer experiences. Engaging the senses and the mind in a way that is unparalleled.

Intelligent Applications

Just deploy the code and sit tight, you will witness the power and possibilities of A.I.

Mindkraft builds on AWS to design, develop and implement intelligent applications that are architected with deep learning neural networks and powered by machine learning.

The limits are the limits of your imagination.


  • Web application development.
  • Mobile application development.
  • Machine learning.
  • Artificial neural networks.
  • Deep learning.
  • Amazon Web Services.
  • Unity 3D.


Mindkraft can assist to commercially develop all or part of a solution we have delivered into a viable commercial offering that creates new and diversified revenue streams.

We offer flexible degrees of involvement from advisory through to joint ventures or partnerships.

With an increasing appetite for new ways of transacting enterprise software solutions such as value or outcome-based fees, IP sharing and joint ventures, we decided to provide support to our clients regarding these opportunities.

Services like AWS have enabled organisations to rapidly experiment at fractional cost, or re-invent their bespoke internal business applications to be fit-for-purpose market-ready products.


  • Greater ROI on business application development projects.
  • New revenue streams.
  • Diversification.

  • Digital strategy.
  • Commercial strategy.
  • Start-up joint venture.

Corporate AR + VR + 360 °

Mindkraft has partnered with Immerseport for its virtual and augmented reality software development and 360 video production.

Immerseport is a Brisbane-based leader in providing corporate immersive solutions and programmes to business, enterprise and the public sector.

Immerseport provides

  • Virtual reality solution development.
  • Augmented reality solution development.
  • 360° video production.
  • Training and Facilitation.
Mindkraft provides

  • Intelligent application development (A.I).
  • Commercialisation.
  • Joint ventures.

Mindfulness Workshops

The Mindfulness In Motion One Day Workshop, facilitated by Lozang Tsultrim, is for organisations who value empowering human knowledge and skills that go beyond traditional workplace learnings.

Your team will be challenged by new insights into the mechanics of the mind, whilst learning practical everyday mindfulness skills from an experienced but very humble international facilitator of mindfulness courses.

Now proactively used by many of the world’s leading companies, mindfulness is widely recognised as a powerful, low-cost & time-effective tool to improve employee well-being, mental functioning and positive engagement.

Why attend?

  • Learn mindfulness exercises.
  • Boost work performance.
  • Reduce stress & anxiety.
  • Improve health & well-being.
  • Develop greater emotional awareness.
  • Enhance creativity.

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About Mindkraft

Mindkraft is a boutique business and technology agency formed in 2017 to be a trusted mentor and partner in leveraging the latest breakthroughs in technology, and exploring pathways to commercialisation.

Specifically, we provide specialist advice and assistance to clients who see value in adding successful internal innovations to their existing product and service catalogue as a new commercial undertaking.

We can help you understand how technology such as machine learning, augmented reality and virtual reality have the ability to drive major improvements to the core utility and culture of organisations of any size, industry and mission.

Workplace Wellness:

Mindkraft also runs a 1-Day Mindfulness Workshop for professional teams. For the latest schedule visit: